PEPPER Public Engagement Event REPORT


by Clare Martin

On Tuesday, 12 March 2019, the PEPPER project team hosted an informal event in London to raise awareness of the potential impact of the PEPPER project on the lives of people with type 1 diabetes, among a general audience. The event was part of a broader educational campaign which includes the launch of the second PEPPER video, with a more in-depth, patient perspective than the previous one, providing more detailed information about the underpinning science. The meeting was sold out, and attended by a varied audience including patients, researchers, clinicians, industry and patient advocacy groups and members of associations such as Input/JDRF. The timing of the event was chosen to coincide with the final PEPPER clinical study involving 50 participants in two clinical centres for eight months.

The meeting was themed around the broader topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Diabetes Management. The evening began with an introduction to the system from both the patient and clinical perspective, which was followed by a screening of the new video ( as well as a short demo. The second part of the evening consisted of a panel discussion with members of the PEPPER team from Imperial College London, Cellnovo Ltd and Oxford Brookes University, as well as an expert on the ethics of AI. Emma Yapp, a researcher at Kings College London, said “This was a really inspiring event. It was great to see so many different viewpoints on the project, and to see so much space given to user and patient perspectives.”

The speakers were: • Dr. Parizad Avari, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust • Dr. Monika Reddy, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust • Dr. Clare Martin, Oxford Brookes University • Mr. Ben Marshall, Cellnovo Ltd • Dr. Matthias Rolf, Oxford Brookes University • Patient Advocate


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